Hawaiian Nationality


What does “nationality” mean?

The term “nationality” refers to one’s identity with and allegiance to a particular country, not to one’s race or ethnicity.

What does “national” mean?

A “national” is someone who identifies with and gives his/her allegiance to a particular country.

Today, the word “national” is a generic term used referring to a person’s nationality whether he or she is a “citizen” of a republic or a “subject” of a monarchy.

What is a “Hawaiian National”?

A Hawaiian National is someone who is a subject of the Hawaiian Kingdom; someone who identifies with and gives allegiance to the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Like the standard for nationality throughout the world, a Hawaiian National is either (1) descended from a Hawaiian National; (2) born within the territory of the Hawaiian Islands; or (3) took legal steps to declare his/her allegiance (become ‘naturalized’) to the Hawaiian Kingdom. 

A Hawaiian National assumes all rights, benefits, responsibilities and obligations under Hawaiian Kingdom laws. A minor child of a Hawaiian National possesses all the rights and benefits of Hawaiian nationality applicable to his/her age.

What are the current draw-backs?

To hide the fact that they have no lawful authority in the Hawaiian Islands, the U.S. government and its puppet “State of Hawaii” use devious and strong-arm tactics to suppress the truth. They punish those who question, challenge and otherwise expose the fact that the U.S. is actually holding the Hawaiian Kingdom and its people captive. 

This means that at the present time, Hawaiian Nationals are not free to live under their own laws in their own country. That makes it difficult to carry on even everyday functions such as driving cars, business transactions, inter-island travel, banking, etc. Unless they can find alternate ways to live invisibly below the radar, under the thumb of the U.S., Hawaiian Nationals living in their own country are often treated by the U.S. and its puppet State of Hawaii as illegal aliens or worse.

The tide is turning

But the tide is starting to turn. It’s getting better. Years of persistent, sacrificial acts of resistance by Hawaiian patriots mounting legal, moral, social and political challenges to the present system are slowly causing the U.S. to falter in its claim of jurisdiction over the Hawaiian Islands. The U.S. is beginning to back down to avoid direct legal confrontations that challenge their jurisdiction.

At the same time, Hawaiians are stepping out of captivity and boldly challenging the U.S. by rejecting the imposed U.S. Nationality and reclaiming their Hawaiian Nationality. The nation is standing up to be recognized.

International awareness of the Hawaii situation is growing and it won’t be long before pressure builds enough for the lawful Hawaiian Kingdom to re-emerge as a free nation and put an end to the political persecution of Hawaiian Nationals.

Why should you become a Hawaiian National?

We have a lot of work to do to rebuild our country after the prolonged occupation of the United States. It’s important for you be a Hawaiian National...

• So you can put your talents, resources and energy into the exciting work of restoring and rebuilding the Hawaiian Kingdom as a dynamic, independent nation.

• So you can declare allegiance to your rightful country, inspire others to do likewise and help make things pono so we can live in peace.

• So you can claim your inheritance as an heir and beneficiary and member of the body politic of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

• So you can participate in the operations of your country and exercise and enjoy your lawful rights, protections and responsibilities as a Hawaiian National.

• So you can be living proof that the Hawaiian Kingdom is alive and kicking; that independence can be restored through peaceful means as Queen Lili’uokalani had envisioned; and we become an inspiration others in the world to pursue peaceful resolution to disputes.

How to become a Hawaiian national

Ke Aupuni o Hawaii offers the following:

As an adult, you can lawfully confirm or gain your Hawaiian nationality in one of two ways:

1. By filing an “Affidavit and Declaration of Hawaiian Nationality”; or

2. By filing a “Declaration of Naturalization”

Download pdf files of the appropriate forms.

  1. Explanation and instructions: (updated instructions available soon) 

  2. Affidavit and Declaration of Citizenship: (updated forms available soon)

  3. Application for IDs: (updated forms available soon)

Feel free to distribute the above links.

NOTE: The forms above are offered by Ke Aupuni o Hawaii. Other Hawaiian Kingdom interim governments also offer processes to register as a Hawaiian National (citizen or subject)


Becoming a Hawaiian National